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15 May, 2015

The Sweet Life: Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquets

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I had been on the hunt for something unique that I could make for all of the motherly figures in my life in honor of Mother’s Day.   It didn’t take a whole lot of Pinterest gawking to find a project that would be fun and also look gorgeous. When I did a search for “Mother’s Day cakes” on Pinterest, my web browser was inundated with pictures of cupcake bouquets. How creative! And why didn’t I think of that?! The only thing I was challenged with was making my cupcake bouquets different from all of the pictures already out there. So I started to gather the supplies I’d need. I was planning for 3 bouquets so I made sure to get enough of the following for all 3:

Flower pot (this can be any kind – I found really beautiful ones at Michael’s, but then also found very beautiful pots at Target for a little less money). If you already have a spare flower pot lying around that you can use, that’s even better.

Foam ball – I was actually surprised at how much foam balls cost. I got mine from Michael’s Craft Store and they were between $4 and $5 a piece.  Make sure you’ve picked your flower pots out already so that you can gauge the size of the foam ball you will need. It should fit snugly into the flower pot. For two of mine I had to cut the foam down a lot so that they would fit into the pots.

Cupcakes – I made one of my favorite vanilla recipes, but you can use any recipe you’d like.

Frosting – A buttercream frosting will work great, and you can flavor it and tint it to your liking. I tinted one batch of icing a bright rose pink color, and I tinted the second batch a bright yellow.

Toothpicks – You need enough of these to hold the cupcakes onto the foam ball.

Green Tissue Paper – I used one sheet of tissue paper, and tore pieces off to fit into the openings where the foam was showing through between the cupcakes.

Ribbon – This is completely optional, but a great choice if you would like to add more detail to your flower pots.

The Sweet Life Mother's Day Bouquet

Once you have your supplies in front of you, it is fairly simple to create the final product. First fit your foam into the flower pot. If it is too big, cut the foam down until it fits nicely in the pot.  Once that piece is complete, the best way, that I have found, to make sure that the cupcakes are spaced properly, is to take  a stack of cupcake wrappers and toothpicks and place them onto the foam ball without the actual cakes. Space them around the foam ball until they please the eye. This will also let you know how many cupcakes you’ll need. For one of my pots I needed 6 cupcakes and for the other two pots I only needed 4.

Make sure the toothpicks on the side are angled upward to prevent the cupcakes from falling straight off.  At this stage you can tear off some green tissue paper and use toothpicks to fasten it into the foam in between the cupcake wrappers. You’ll remove these wrappers when it’s time to apply the actual cupcakes.

The next step is actually decorating the cupcakes, prior to applying them on the flower pots.

For my bouquets, I piped a mix of rosettes and roses on the cupcakes in both the rose color and the yellow color, which created an interesting look when I mixed and matched them on the flower pots.  You can also use all one style of rose, or mix and match styles, using all one color.  I did just that on two of the bouquets as you’ll see in the pictures below.

The Sweet Life Mother's Day Bouquet

You can still see some of the foam poking through on the left of the large yellow flower in front. I later adjusted the green tissue paper to cover that up.

The Sweet Life Mother's Day Bouquet  The Sweet Life Mother's Day Bouquet


Finally, you can fasten your decorated cupcakes to the toothpicks that are already in the foam balls. Adjust the tissue paper as needed to cover up any foam that’s still showing through. This is also the time where you can add some detail to the flower pots such as a ribbon bow.

The Sweet Life Mother's Day Bouquet


The only thing left now is to gift this baby to that special lady in your life!  Or since Mother’s Day is over, this can be gifted to anyone who loves flowers and gardens.  It will be sure to brighten up their day!

Happy baking, friends. Do something today that will make your life just a little bit sweeter 🙂

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