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My name is Tricia, and I  happen to own this tiny little corner in the grand world of the Internet. By day I’m an IT analyst, but by evenings and weekends I am a  musician, a writer, an artist, a baker, and a cake decorator.  The Sweet Life is a project I started as an outlet for my creative juices to roam free.  My blog posts are mainly focused on baking and cake decorating, but I’ll definitely be incorporating my other passions into this site as well.  I think it’s extremely important to do something every day that you absolutely love, just to make life a tiny bit sweeter. If I can inspire someone out there to do just that, that would make my day.  I hope you enjoy the content so far and please let me know if there’s anything you are interested in seeing! I have more ideas floating in my head than I can keep track of, so I’m very excited to have  a place to share them.

Happing Baking, friends – remember to do something you love today, to make life just a little bit sweeter!

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